For those who already know that religion ruins everything and there are no such things as deities.

               Word from the Author

I started this book as a letter to my wife and it eventually became something we decided to share with everyone who has come to terms with the failure of organized religion on earth and the reality that there are no deities worthy of worship.

The World's Seven Biggest Liars is a quick, slightly irreverent overview of how it is that billions of believers came to believe that there are mysterious deities hovering over us concerned with what we say, what we eat, and how we behave, and apparently with the ability to create the entire universe from its beginning, but can’t seem to find a cure for the common cold; never mind disease, disaster, and destruction on a global scale?

For the One Billion non-believers around the world there is comfort to be drawn from the fact that what they already secretly know is okay to be spoken out loud. I am a Secular Humanist and proud of it. If you are too, this book will be a comfort.

                                       - Richard F. Wright

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The book is available at now at a slight discount off the cover price, which makes up somewhat for the shipping charge. It's also now available on Kindle so you will save more if you buy it there instead of the paperback.

Visit to place your order today for the paperback.

Selected excerpts of  the book chapters, are presented here to get the dialogue started. If you are intrigued by the book, I hope you will buy it.

If you are someone who, has basically on your own, figured out that organized religion mostly doesn't help as much as it hurts civilization, and that all organized religion is based around a false belief in a non-existent deity, then I believe this book can be of help to you.

Read the Excerpts of the Book here and let me know what you think.

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Take the book with you on your Kindle or iPad or whatever your preference. It's handy and it costs less too. Just $7.99 for the book. Of course, the Kindle version doesn't have the footnotes, the index or the bibliography, but my experience is that reading on Kindle is a lot smoother without those features. If you want those features, you can order the paperback. So, if you are in a hurry, order The World's Seven Biggest Liars in Kindle format today.

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